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In this episode, we review the Tenth Doctor story School Reunion, and discuss devaluing friendship and the impact this has on aromantic representation.

In our review, we discuss Sarah Jane’s return to Doctor Who. How did we think her character compared to what we expected from Classic Who? What did we think of the interactions between Rose and Sarah Jane? Do we want the Doctor as our physics teacher?

In our discussion, we examine how friendships are devalued in tv and in general. We look at how this impacts options for representing aromantic characters on screen, and the types of stories that are told.

Asexual and Aromantic Characters Database:

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
01:23 Mikayla and Stephen are going to Gally
03:10 School Reunion review
34:49 Devaluing friendship discussion

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Opening and closing music:
Doctor Who In Dub 2010 by Smerins Anti-Social Club

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